Our Clients

“Jacque is a joy to work with professionally and personally. Jacque was always pleasantly available, immeasurably resourceful, and incredibly prompt in response. At any hour Jacque exhibits boundless energy, patience, and affability. We have utilized her many gifts for both undergraduate and graduate placements.

Jacque is masterful in her field. With respect to college applications, I liken her approach to the difference between decorating your home alone, versus having a great interior decorator assist you. Jacque always allows the student to guide the process and make the application a reflection of himself. However, the finished product is amazingly professional, appealing, and representative of all the student’s talents and strengths.

Personally, Jacque quickly inculcates respect in the student for her gift with language and writing and her tremendous knowledge of so many academic areas. My four children, as did both parents, thoroughly trusted, admired, and liked her. It was a wonderful and productive relationship from start to finish. I am satisfied knowing that my children all deservedly received the best guidance and direction with respect to the college odyssey, which Jacque amazingly was able to make a pleasant process.”

- The Milkin Family