Our Clients

“I MOST HIGHLY recommend the professional services of Jacque Trama!

My son is a motivated student who has had, since the 7th grade, an aspiration to attend an Ivy League school. I felt the best chance of him being accepted into an Ivy was to seek the advice of a counselor who was knowledgeable with the application process so that his paperwork would present him in the most favorable light possible. I hung up from our initial 15 minute conversation in a total sweat because in that short span of time, I was given 2 hours worth of information and guidance (I really didn’t think anyone could talk and think faster than my wife). I went home and told my son and wife that I had located an advisor, but when I indicated the cost, they both summarily rejected her as a candidate. I told them that they should at least meet her. After much discussion, I was told that they would reluctantly meet with Jacque, but there was no way they would consider hiring Jacque due to her cost (“We can find someone local for less than 1/3 the cost!”).

Well, after meeting Jacque for 1.5 hours (and getting 4 hours worth of advice), my wife and son were so impressed that they decided Jacque was the one for us. They both indicated that, indeed, she would certainly be worth the cost.

Thus the journey began. One of the first things my son did was to consult with Jacque on a literature assignment. She was familiar with the reading and was able to assist him with a paper for his AP English class thanks to her decade teaching experience in English. After only a month of working with my son, she had already helped him improve his writing stlye, a skill that would prove indispensible in the coming months when writing college essays.

Jacque was also instrumental in helping my son choose which schools (both Ivy League and others) he wanted to apply to. Jacque put in endless hours with our son on all aspects of his application and testing process. After his early action applications had been submitted, it would have been easy for Jacque to sit back and wait for the results to arrive. But instead, Jacque pushed forward and worked with him on all of his other applications (we burned them in the fire place after he received his early acceptance letter). The fact that she was 500 miles away had no effect on the quality and quantity of efforts put forth by Jacque. Both I and my son talked to Jacque on a weekly basis and never felt that we couldn’t call her over the slightest question. When we received his acceptance, Jacque was the first person I called. If you are looking for an advisor who is at the top of his/her game, I suggest you look no further than Jacque Trama.”

- The Levin Family