Our Clients

“Sarphatie Education has helped our family find the right college for two very different children. If you are like most people, you were not particularly savvy about the college search and application process thirty years ago and you have probably had no reason to develop any expertise until now. Dr. Trama HAS that expertise and, combined with the relationships she develops with each student and his or her parents, she is able to provide each family with a customized approach to this often overwhelming and emotional process. Dr. Trama knows what college admissions departments in general are seeking and she maintains close professional relationships with many schools in particular. Her familiarity with these schools coupled with her growing knowledge of each student allows her to guide the student toward those schools most suited to his or her academic abilities and individual preferences, saving both time and disappointment in the process.

Dr. Trama provided us with the structure necessary to approach this complicated and time-consuming undertaking. She gave us professional guidance in a specialized area in which we have at best quite outdated knowledge. She was a calming influence in emotional times and a constant source of encouragement to both parent and child. Our professional association with Dr. Trama has been a pleasure.”

- Marie Van Graafeiland