Our Clients

“We knew very little about the whole college process and we thought we needed someone to be a surrogate for us, to nag our son and make sure all the essays were written and applications completed so he wouldn’t wind up resenting us.

One of our main concerns was with the expense and whether it would be worth it. We also were self-conscious about hiring a coach to help get our son into college. Conflicted, we moved ahead, with very subdued expectations.

From day one, Sarphatie Education earned our admiration and respect. Dr. Trama was knowledgeable, having worked in admissions offices…she was articulate…within a few minutes, she told us where our expectations were realistic and where they weren’t. She is not trying to win popularity contests. She is very direct and tells it like it is.

Sarphatie Education accomplished the mission…our son was accepted at the three schools that were at the top of his list…and wait listed at two other highly sought after schools. Most importantly, she prepared our son to go through this process on his own, using newly crafted skills, and ultimately using his own judgment to make his decision…the ultimate outcome for good coaching and parenting.

She did not write or rewrite one word of his essays nor dictate any response on an application or even steer him to a favorite school of hers…rather, she taught him what would be most effective, where his weaknesses were and especially his strengths.

She encouraged him to work with his school advisor, to visit the schools, and to strategize, to be prompt and impressive.

She instilled confidence with encouragement and pride when a job was well done. Not only that, she happened to really like a few of our son’s essays and brought them to the attention of a few of her friends, which resulted in two fabulous internships and a great summer job!

The Sarphatie Education counselors seem to know everybody and when they like something, they make the world stop and listen and do something about it. We are most fortunate to have gone to Sarphatie Education and owe them a debt of respect and gratitude.”

- Catherine Cohen