Our Clients

“I have to admit that at the beginning of my senior year I had a misconception about private college counselors. Most of the students at my school and in my community (including me) thought that they were unnecessary, a waste of money and, above all, a way of buying your entrance to college. Sarphatie Education sure proved me wrong!

As soon as I met them, I knew they were different. I wanted them to help me, not because they would get me into the college of my choice, but because they would help me bring out the best in me for my application. That is exactly what they did.

By working with them, I realized that you can have everything you need to get into any college you want, but all that merit is worthless if you do not know how to put it on paper.

When I decided to work with Sarphatie Education it was because I wanted to make sure that a flaw in my application would not be what would prevent me from getting into the college of my choice. And Sarphatie Education counselors sure know everything there is to know about the application process.

They taught me so many valuable things that helped me understand what exactly colleges look for. With their help I was able to write great essays that reflected perfectly my personality.

I know that there are some college counselors that almost write the essays for the student. Sarphatie Education would never do that. If anything, Sarphatie Education motivated me to put a lot more effort into my work. I learned so much from every little correction.

Their advice and counseling are unparalleled. They were not only always eager to help (even if on vacation), they also calmed my nerves and always helped me make the best decision, whether it meant choosing which essay to send, or choosing which colleges to apply to and afterwards, which one to attend.

I am extremely happy I had the opportunity to work with Sarphatie Education, their dedication and sincere care for students make them unique. They showed me that college counselors like them are the final touch after all that hard work in high school. And they definitely erased that misconception about college counselors being unnecessary and buying your way into college…When I read my applications long before sending them, I realized that thanks to Sarphatie Education’s help, I had been able to present the real me in the best possible way to the universities I applied to.

I recommend Sarphatie Education 100% to anyone who wants to do the same!”

- Sarah Farash