The End of Another Admissions Cycle
by Dr. Trama - Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Admissions & Acceptance

May 1st has a special significance in my line of business. For most colleges, May 1st was the last day accepted students could enroll at their school, and reserve a seat for their fall class.

For me, I look on May 1st with triumph. 53 high school seniors have used my services this year, and all of them are happy with the choices they had when deciding on enrollment. Some may have taken more time to realize what was the best school for them, but all are educated consumers of higher education, and all now in places where they can grow academically and personally.

Of course, each of my students selects schools differently. One student, Benjamin Avanzato, chose a particular school based on what he learned after he began the college process with my assistance. Like many students starting out, Ben had no idea what kind of college he wanted to attend. After a few sessions researching his needs and wants, as well as researching colleges, we realized Ben had very specific criteria for a school all along. For instance, Ben realized he wanted to study in a larger Northeast urban location, and also preferred a school that offered well-developed study abroad and languages programs. For these reasons, Ben wisely chose Tufts University.

Another one of my students, John Meuchner, learned more about the college selection process after reviewing the availability of programming and options in the university arena. A gifted athlete, John hoped play baseball while at college, and was prepared to go South to escape our brutal winters. Baseball was his passion, to be sure, but I thought there might be another dimension to John’s focus for a school. After several very intuitive sessions, John decided that he really wanted a school that let him flourish socially and academically. Having a wide range of colleges to choose from, he chose Trinity College, which he believes will accept his unique social talents. “I feel as if you need to be happy with the people around you in order to be successful,” John stated with some confidence.

Now that May 1st has come and gone, my work for the current senior class is winding down. Barring my graduate students, whose admission cycle works differently, I am now planning for the new crop of seniors who will graduate in 2013. And as sad as I am that my students are now leaving me, I know that they are going to places where they can learn and grow.

Starting this month, I will begin working closely with seniors in both 2013 and 2014 and I welcome the energy my juniors and seniors always bring. As my seniors sail off into their college futures, I would like the class of 2012 to know that, as they go forth on their college journey, that they will always have a friend and advocate in me.

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