by Dr. Trama - Friday, March 30th, 2012 Admissions & Acceptance

Congratulations on your college acceptances! April will be a whirlwind month. If you haven’t as yet decided which college offer of admission to accept, chances are you’ll be on the road again looking at schools. The date you now have to keep in mind is May 1, the applicants’ universal reply date. By that date you should confirm your intention to enroll in a particular college or university and submit a deposit to that one institution only. You should also send a “thank-you-but-I-have selected-another-institution” letter to the other colleges and universities that have offered you placement in their freshman classes. If you’ve received a wait list letter, read it carefully. The letter should provide a history that describes the number of students on the wait list for the school, the […]

by Dr. Trama - Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Collegiate Success

All college majors give students a lot of knowledge, but only a few give students the thought processes to think more clearly. I challenge my students to think more effectively. I believe education is much more powerful if a person learns to think creatively. College admissions boards respect this skill, and they value my students because of it. Many students move through college without knowing how to use education effectively, and thus leading them to question a degree’s value. I often hear questions from both students and parents such as, “Will this degree lead to a job?” or sometimes, “Why am I studying this if it doesn’t make me happy?” There’s no real question that a bachelor’s degree has economic benefits over […]