Why do I need a consultant?

A college education is the biggest investment most people make, ranking alongside buying home. Just like buying a home, planning for and choosing a college is extremely complex. Finding the college that can set you up for success is a daunting task, and often hard to get right. Applying to school and then getting admitted is more complex still.

Now, the stakes are much higher for choosing the right college. According to the Washington-based Brookings Institute, success in college can dramatically increase life-long financial well-being. A college tuition offers an inflation-adjusted 15 percent annual return on investment. That’s a higher return than stocks (seven percent) or even real estate (less than one percent).

Just as people who buy real estate hire a real estate agent to guide them, so can Sarphatie Education help you maximize your return on your college investment. We work with students to determine which college best suits each client personally, and then provide the client with tutoring services and admissions help to get into best-fit colleges. Once you send the application, we work with schools to make sure they understand why you are an asset to their community. We help at every step of the way, and make sure the student grows both personally and financially.

How do you help me get into the college of my choice?

Sarphatie Education uses a multi-step process that begins with advisement. Working with Dr. Trama, you will develop a list of schools that best fit your personality. Once you decide to target particular schools, Dr. Trama will help you develop a rock-solid resume. Academic coaching, SAT and ACT preparation, and subject matter tutoring are just a few of the other services we offer.

Unlike most services, we do not just submit your application and hope for a positive response – we make it happen.

My son or daughter has a disability, such as ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome. Can you help me?

We are always eager to help those who learn differently. From the very start, we have helped students with differences achieve the same goals and objectives as their “normal” peers do. Since we give highly personalized service to all of our clients already, we can easily advocate for these individuals and the unique gifts they possess. Click here to learn more about applying to college with learning differences, and how to think about a successful self-advocacy strategy.

I am thinking of graduate school for myself. How do I know if it’s the right decision for me?

A graduate degree is a great way to accelerate your career, be it in academia, business, law, medicine, social work, or any other career track that exists.  Talk to us today to get started.

Can I use your services, even if I do not live anywhere near you?

Absolutely! Dr. Trama and her staff were among the first adopters of Skype, which greatly expanded our geographic range. We have worked closely with clients across the United States— including the NYC, DC and Rochester areas—and strive to provide our full range of services to all clients, near and far.