Still On a Waitlist? Now What?
by Dr. Trama - Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Admissions & Acceptance

As the calendar stretches into June, most seniors are on their way to graduation. They know where they are going, and are preparing for finals, prom, graduation parties, etc. But what about those students who are still on waitlists? Many schools will extend their waitlist into August, as there are invariably issues that arise that make it impossible for students to attend in the fall, and will offer any spots that open up to the students that have chosen to remain on the waitlist.

If you’re in that position, what can you do? In short: maintain dialogue with the school. The school knows that you’re busy with sports and your activities. They’ve already considered you, and know that you will be a good addition to their class. In that sense, updates about what your doing will often fall on deaf ears. What will help your chances, however, is letting the school know that you are still interested in attending. If the school is your first choice, let them know that. Let them know that if they decide to take you from the waitlist, you will undoubtedly attend.

In the end, you still might not get off of the waitlist, even if you pour your heart and soul into your communications. But you can feel confident that, even if you don’t get in, you did all you can do to make it happen.

And should you get off the waitlist? Be prepared to respond immediately to the school’s offer, and let the school you’ve already deposited to know that you won’t be attending in the fall, so they can offer your spot to someone else who wants to be there just as much.

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