Dr. Trama: A Friend in the College Admission Process
by Joe - Friday, September 28th, 2012 Uncategorized

by Joe Avanzato

Anxiety, when left unchecked, has the potential to multiply fear to exponential levels. I was certainly nervous in 2008, high school graduation approaching quickly, unsure what to do with my future. Walking into Sarphatie Education’s offices for the first time, I felt even more nervous, as Dr. Trama seemed to be an unstoppable force. At our first meeting, she urged me to stop worrying about the process, explaining that she was helping me now. True to her word, she took the reigns of the application process, calmed my initial nerves, and became a steady, guiding light during a time that can often be confusing for even the most prepared students.

One of the more stressful parts of the college admissions process is keeping track of all the moving parts of each application. Dr. Trama removed the guesswork, streamlining the process, by keeping on top of all the pieces and when they needed to be submitted. Having that kind of support allowed me to focus on polishing my applications and all that goes into it – including preparing for standardized testing, and keeping on top of my classwork.

Dr. Trama’s assistance went far beyond simply assisting with the application process. More importantly, she provided me with invaluable guidance while I decided on what school I wanted to attend. She never championed a particular school. Instead she allowed me to weigh the pros and cons of each school, and make an informed decision. By giving me the information necessary to making the right choice for me, Dr. Trama ensured a positive match between the school I decided on— academically, culturally, and socially.

Dr. Trama’s guidance doesn’t end once a student has been accepted to their undergraduate school. She is always available for schedule planning, course placement and selection, helping to provide a smooth transition for her students from high school into college. Even now, with college graduation behind me, Dr. Trama continues to make herself available for resume help, searching for jobs, and interview coaching. I am certain that, without Dr. Trama’s assistance, my entire application process — as well as my college career — would have been far less organized and much more stress filled. It is a testament to Dr. Trama that so many of the students who seek out her assistance find not only guidance, but a tireless cheerleader for their own education.

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