Consulting Services

College Guidance

Getting into the school that best fits you requires planning — careful planning and guidance to develop a purposeful strategy.

Dr. Trama knows that the right college is one that sets you up for academic and social success. Dr. Trama will guide you so you find the right college, and place you inside that college. Dr. Trama guides you through the process with the three values she holds dear: advisement, aid, and advocacy.

Advisement – Dr. Trama works with each student to develop an individualized college search and admissions strategy. Through initial interviews, she will learn about you and develop a list of schools that best fit you. Dr. Trama will then help you get into the schools that fit you best, both by coaching you academically and helping you with your application. Sarphatie Education also offers a full range of tutoring services for standardized tests and help with classes.

Aid – Dr. Trama can guide our clients through the world of financial aid should they retain all of our services. She and her staff will seek aid in places few bother to look, and will help fund your education. In fact, the amount of aid we get for our students far exceeds our own costs.

Advocacy  – Dr. Trama knows colleges, and how to work with each one. Once inside a college, Dr. Trama will help smooth your transition to college life. Whether you are adjusting to the independence college often brings, need help managing academic responsibilities, or have a disability and are not sure where to turn, Dr. Trama knows the right people who can help you.

Find out more about Dr. Trama and her services by contacting her.