Choosing an Educational Consultant
by Dr. Trama - Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 College Preparation & Planning, Collegiate Success

When it comes to choosing a consultant for your child’s education, there are many factors that are important to consider. It is important to look past any of the glitz that might be presented by advertising (though this is true for any investment), and instead get to the substance of the individual or firm with whom you are meeting.

While you may be willing to be a guinea pig for your nephew who is starting his own business, when meeting with an educational consultant it is better to opt for someone who has the experience that such an important decision demands. Sarphatie Education and its founder and president, Jacque Trama, provides her vast experience to all its clients, enabling them to choose the school that will provide them with the best chance for success in all facets of their college experience – not simply with a name brand school.


While the importance of education is the foundation of Dr. Trama’s business, that importance is manifest in her own life, where Dr. Trama has not only an Ed.D in Educational Planning, but a Ph.D in Psychology as well. After completing her degrees, she has worked for numerous colleges in both admissions and financial aid, and through both her experience and education, she has the ability to offer her clients invaluable information regarding their own college searches.

Time In Business

Sarphatie Education was founded in 1993 in the back of Jacque Trama’s house. And despite the company’s growth over the past twenty+ years, students still receive that same personal attention from Dr. Trama, just like they would if they were sitting on her couch.

Dr. Trama is well versed in best practices for college advising and college applications, having successfully guided hundreds of students through the extensive process of researching, applying, and choosing the right college for them.


During the time that Sarphatie Education has been in business, Dr. Trama’s network of contacts and colleagues has continued to grow, and she leverages that vast array of contacts for each one of her students in order to find them the perfect school for their academic, learning, and social needs. For Dr. Trama, this networking requires more than semi-annual college visits or conference attendance, but instead is a continual interaction so that she can best represent her students’ needs with the colleges in which they are interested.


Being in business for over twenty years, Dr. Trama has earned her reputation for being an invaluable asset for both students and their families in their college search and decision. That reputation is the reason she has worked with entire families, extended families, friends of friends, neighbors, and colleagues. People who have worked with her know her insight, and are willing to recommend her to those most important to them.


At Sarphatie Education, we believe that it is important for a student to find a school where he or she “fits.” Not every student will be able to be successful at every school, so it is our philosophy to place students where they are able to have the best chance of achieving academic and social success.

We believe that the college application process is not decided solely by parents, nor solely by students. It is a process that requires input from all sides, and we incorporate all opinions and needs from the family into the process in order to ensure success for everyone involved.

While there are many options for educational consultants, finding the right one is a crucial decision, and should not be decided on a whim. Dr. Trama’s experience, reputation, and insight have made her an indispensable resource for students and families in not only the Rochester, NY area, but around the world.

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